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Elevating Learning At Home: Top 10 Education Resources For Parents Reviewed.

Elevating Learning At Home: Top 10 Education Resources For Parents Reviewed.

Elevating Learning at Home: Top 10 Education Resources for Parents Reviewed

With the ongoing pandemic causing disruptions to traditional education, many parents are turning to online resources to help support their childrens learning at home. Whether you are looking for additional educational materials or interactive tools to keep your kids engaged, there are plenty of online resources available to help.

As an online marketplace for kids clothes, toys, and educational materials, we have curated a list of the top 10 education resources for parents to consider. These platforms offer a wide range of learning opportunities, from virtual classrooms to interactive games, to help your child continue to learn and grow during these uncertain times.

1. Khan Academy Kids: Khan Academy Kids is a free, award-winning app that offers thousands of activities, books, and videos for children ages 2-7. The platform covers subjects like math, reading, and social-emotional learning, making it a comprehensive tool for early learners.

2. ABCmouse: ABCmouse is a subscription-based educational website that offers a full curriculum for children ages 2-8. With over 850 lessons and 9,000 individual learning activities, ABCmouse covers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, and art.

3. Outschool: Outschool is a unique platform that offers live online classes for children ages 3-18. With over 100,000 classes available on a variety of subjects, including math, science, and creative arts, Outschool allows children to engage with real teachers and classmates in a virtual classroom setting.

4. IXL Learning: IXL Learning is an adaptive learning platform that offers personalized lessons in math, language arts, science, and social studies for children in preschool through 12th grade. With over 8,000 skills to practice, IXL Learning helps children build confidence and improve their academic performance.

5. BrainPOP: BrainPOP is an educational website that offers animated videos, interactive games, and quizzes on a variety of subjects, including science, social studies, and English. With engaging content designed for children in grades K-12, BrainPOP helps make learning fun and accessible.

6. Prodigy: Prodigy is a free math platform that offers adaptive math practice for children in grades 1-8. With curriculum-aligned content and a game-based approach to learning, Prodigy helps children build math skills and stay motivated while learning.

7. Coding with Kids: Coding with Kids is a comprehensive coding program that offers online coding classes for children ages 5-18. With courses ranging from introductory coding concepts to advanced programming languages, Coding with Kids helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

8. National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids is an educational website that offers interactive games, videos, and articles on topics like animals, science, and geography. With engaging content for children of all ages, National Geographic Kids helps stimulate curiosity and inspire a love of learning.

9. SplashLearn: SplashLearn is an adaptive math program that offers personalized math practice for children in grades K-5. With over 400 math skills to master, SplashLearn helps children build a strong foundation in math while having fun.

10. Reading Eggs: Reading Eggs is a comprehensive reading program that offers online reading lessons, activities, and games for children ages 2-13. With a research-based curriculum and interactive learning tools, Reading Eggs helps children develop essential reading skills and improve their literacy.

When it comes to elevating learning at home, these top 10 education resources offer a wealth of opportunities for parents to support their childrens academic growth. Whether you are looking for supplemental materials to reinforce classroom learning or interactive tools to keep your kids engaged, these platforms provide valuable resources to help your child succeed.

As an online marketplace for kids clothes, toys, and educational materials, we are committed to helping families find the best resources to support their childrens learning journey. We hope this list of education resources will empower parents to make informed decisions about their childs education and provide them with the tools they need to thrive in a virtual learning environment.

By utilizing these top education resources, parents can take an active role in their childs education and ensure they have access to high-quality learning opportunities. Whether your child needs help with math, reading, or coding, these online platforms offer a diverse range of resources to help them succeed. Elevate your childs learning at home with these top education resources today!


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